Saturday, December 6, 2008

Melville Baby #3

Ever wonder what a baby looks like at 6 weeks + 6 days gestation? Well, wonder no more. This is our first picture of baby #3. Quite amazing that that tiny little blob will grow to be a beautiful little baby (or probably big in my case...the first two were 9lbs2oz and 9lbs3oz) in around 29 more weeks from today.

As much as the thought of having our 3rd, as we struggle with our current situations, is so very hard to imagine. I can't help but look at this picture and thank God for the miracle of babies. So fragile, so delicate, so intricate, so wondrously made.

How precious a gift.

And even though I struggle with all the how are we going to do this etc questions, I know that God loves me, and this amazing new life growing within me. He will provide. I need to just believe and trust Him.

****Our new addition is due to arrive June 30, 2009.****


Nineheartbeats said...

I am so very happy for you both. It truly is a miracle and God will provide. As I've said myself a million times...when the road seems the toughest, we are on the right track....keep plodding on, you are not alone. This new little one is indeed fearfully and wonderfully made!
Lots of love to you and yours,

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blessing!! Congratulations!

The Reverend's Lover said...

oh wow - amazing!

Congrats Jess :)