Thursday, October 23, 2008

Be Responsible...


This was a statement I heard the other day while listening to a "brain scientist", Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor tell about her experiences before during and after suffering a stroke. She has written a book called "My Stroke of Insight" which is on the New York Bestseller List. The interview was fascinating, and I am sure the book would be as well, but it is the above statement that I keep coming back to.

Be Responsible for the Energy You Bring.

No matter what we are doing we should be aware of what type of energy we are giving off. When dealing with ALL people, regardless of age, ability, health, occupation, race, religion, or anything else, we should be conscious of what we unconsciously bring with us.

The energy I give off can affect people even without me saying a single word, and in turn, affects the way that people respond to me. But it doesn't stop there, my own energy affects me as well.

I believe that God wants me to pay attention to that energy.

Being a woman who has the tendency to worry about far too many things. I know that I often allow the negative energy of that worry to cloud every other thing that happens in my life. It makes me irritable, quick to lose my patience (especially with my boys), and not the person I (or God) want to be.

I have started trying to be concious of what kind of energy I am giving off. If I have Christ within me, the energy that I bring should reflect that. I am paying attention to how I react to the things that "set me off", and most importantly I am choosing to change the way that I respond. Instead of yelling as I do all too often (horrible, I know), I have been taking a step back and dealing with situations in a more rational, postive way. One that is more in line with the nature of Christ. Is it easy? Nope, but it has been a much nicer day without the yelling. Both for me AND the boys.

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Nineheartbeats said... is so much about the choices. I find myself all too often giving the life lessons to my children and being convicted myself. Nothing like a good dose of "Mommy 101" to remind me to be the living breathing example...the words we speak .... the things we do....all to be the "living" example of Christ. Good for you for making THIS choice.
Love ya,