Friday, October 17, 2008

Struggles and Hope

It is hard to believe that it has been almost 10 days since I sat down to write. It is not that I haven't wanted to, but when everyday life seems to provide more and more struggle with the dawning of each new day, I have found it hard to feel inspired to write.

However, I have missed it. I have missed my blog and the therapeutic sense of finding a coherent thought in the jumble that is my head on most days.

Today i past this tree and bench during my morning walk. I have past it before, and on some other occassion took this picture. Tonight I find myself wishing that I had taken the opportunity this morning as I past it, to sit for a moment. To let the beauty of God's handy work minister to me in my struggles. For if God can make such beauty come of some dirt and seeds, what beauty will He make from me?

It is hard sometimes to see your way clear to make lemonade when everything seems to be coming up lemons. To stop allowing the world to push you down, or crush your spirit. There is hope in each new day, in each new moment. The trouble is that we forget to look for it. We focus too much on the troubles we are facing instead of trusting that He has it all under control, knows what we need, and will provide the way if we only have faith.

Tomorrow is a brand new day. Will it have its own struggles? Most definitely. Will I let it control my day, my mood, my life? Nope, I have done that enough. Tomorrow the dawn brings new hope, and I will Thank God. For I have been blessed with 2 amazing little boys and a husband who loves me and whom I love. With God and them, any day is a good day.


Livy Renee said...

You write beautifully, you express that which so many, including myself, find difficult.

You have touched my spirit this night... and I am grateful.

God bless and keep you... Livy

The Reverend's Lover said...

lovely sentiments Janessa - i think whatever you're doing is working ;)

Leigh Anne said...

wonderful post and fantastic picture, washed a feeling of peace and happiness over me

Fiona said...

This post is something I most definately needed to read today, to help me remember that there is always hope, even in dark times. Thank you.