Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Standing in His Glory

As I visit other people's blogs I have come to find that I LOVE when their writings are accompanied by pictures. Whether it be photographs, or cartoons, sketches, or clipart doesn't really matter. I enjoy what the images produce in me. It might be a smile, a tear, a laugh or an ache, but whatever it is, it helps me to feel alive, connected.

My own posts have become more than just a blob of words. I find myself searching to find images that will match what it is I am trying to say, and that will evoke some sort of response from my readers. I have pictures stored on my computer now just waiting to be used for such a purpose.

This is one those images.

I love this picture. I see that person as me, standing with my face towards the heavens, basking in the beautiful glory of God. His Light penetrating my dark places. His Love reaching through to find my weary heart. Guiding me back to Himself. Warm. Welcoming. It encourages me. It makes me want to get back to the photography I love but have forgotten for so long. It makes me hopeful.

What do you see?

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The Reverend's Lover said...

I agree - and finding the picture takes more time than even writing the post in the first place - haha