Monday, July 7, 2008

Day One

I woke up this morning, not really ready to face the day, nevermind the daunting journey that I have set out before me. Regardless of whether I am ready or not though, DAY ONE starts today.

So what are the goals for today? Weigh-in was first. FUN! FUN! I will record my weight once a week, and try to stay off the scale the rest of the time. With weigh-in now out of the way, the goals I will be pushing for today are to drink 2litres of water ( 3 will be the eventual goal, but since I haven't been drinking much water lately, i'll start with a little less so I don't spend my day in the bathroom). The next goal is to do some form of exercise. A walk, chasing the boys in the school yard, a workout video...something, anything!! The last goal for today is to pay close attention to what goes into my mouth and when. My plan is to keep a daily food journal to be able to keep myself in check.

I have set out my water, the first 250mls are done, and now the boys and I are ready to head outside for some playtime. Steps in the right direction. So, with that, my journey begins.


Mommykuhnen said...

Good for you chickie! LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER! My journey started today too - woohoo!

Proud of you darlin.

Love you.


Taking It One Step At A Time said...

Thank you very much. Love you!