Saturday, July 19, 2008


Are there really any bad reasons for losing weight?
Does it matter how silly your reasons sound to someone else?
Does it matter if no one else understands them at all?

As someone who has a multitude of reasons, including some seemingly silly ones, I have to say that I don't think it matters one hoot what anybody else thinks about your goals as long as they get you off the couch and striving for your healthy weight and lifestyle.

Reasons to lose come in many shapes and sizes, not unlike those of us questing to be smaller. They are as simple as 'to feel better', and as life threatening as 'if I don't lose it, my doctor says it will kill me'. Thank the Lord I don't have the latter reason. However, I suppose, it would kill me eventually. Some are funny, others are sad, some everyone can relate to, others only mean something to you. In my opinion, you need as many reasons as it takes to motivate you to do something about it.

Me, yup you guessed it, I have TONS of reasons. Its funny how my FOR and AGAINST columns were in vast contrast, but my AGAINST list had always won the debate. You know, reasons like 'its too hard' and 'i don't have the energy or willpower'. Completely ridiculous! How do we let stupid thoughts like that keep us captive? Is losing weight fun or easy? Of course not, if it was we wouldn't have Obesity in epidemic proportions in this country. Is it time for you to get off the couch? Only you can make that decision, but my time is now. I will no longer be held back by the negative thoughts that I have. I know that those thoughts will continue to plague me, but it is my choice whether I give in to them or not.

I know you are dying to hear some of my reasons, so here are a few for you in no particular order.

*To be able to be active with my boys and husband
*To be able to shop at regular stores in regular sizes
*To fit on a roller coaster
*To not have my thighs rub together
*To not be winded walking up a flight of stairs
*To participate in my life instead of being a spectator
*To feel good about myself and the way I look
*T0 be able to wear a bikini (not that I will wear a bikini, but it will be nice to have that choice)
*To make my family proud

The last reason I will share with you has to do with my two little boys. Gabe started school this year, and every day I would take him to school and pick him up. Over and over again I would think about how mean kids can be as they get older. The last thing I want is to be a source of hurt and embarrassment for my kids. I don't want them to be ridiculed for having a "Fat" mom.

Reasons. These are some of mine. What are yours? What is keeping you on the couch? Better yet, what will it take to get you off of it?

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