Monday, August 4, 2008

Phew! Tragedy narrowly escaped!

It was the morning of the weigh-in for my 3rd week. I don't mind telling you, I was NOT looking forward to it. After a week of being away from home a whole lot more than I was at home, and having the challenge of figuring out what to eat everywhere from Tim Horton's, to fast food, to regular restaurants, not getting enough water, and no exercise, I dreaded facing the scale. However, I was determined that NOTHING was going to derail me. I AM staying on this journey, and a few pounds are not going to get me off track. That doesn't mean I wasn't praying extremely hard not to put back anything I had already lost.

Ok, deep breath in.......let it we go. One foot. Two feet. Ok Janessa, you have to open your eyes. PHEW!!!! The narrow escape from tragedy!!! What a feeling!! You'd have though I had won the lottery. Yeehaw! No loss, BUT NO GAIN EITHER!! Thank the good Lord!

I even shared the trouble of my week with my fellow WW's, (shocking I know...Janessa actually speak to people she doesn't know? How ludicrous a thought!) and received a star for my ME!

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